Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reflections on training

Last night I read Tyler B's account of his crash, and noticed that our fellow COS church member, David Bosch, posted a response to Tyler's blog - telling about how he was hit by a car while riding on Leonard and sustained a broken arm. He still would like to come to the safety training that we're holding on Saturday morning at Calvin's Youngsma Center. On Monday when we were riding on Broadmoor a truck came very close on my left and I leaned to the right and fell onto the grassy area. Didn't hurt myself, but watched the truck whiz past Rich just as close and I felt like screaming, but of course that wouldn't help because if Rich heard me he would have turned and something bad could have happened. Yikes, these motorists can be so clueless sometimes. But I've noticed that my right knee actually feels better since I took the little tumble. Sometimes falls help, I guess.

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